Wednesday, October 30

roses story


Greetings. Hi. =)

It has been so long since my last post. Very long time ago. Haha. Lalang pn da tinggi wei.

I dont know what to write. Haha. Just log in to clean up all the bushes here. Err. Oke. Enough of all the nonsense.

Oke. Dont have much idea to write about. So. I'll tell you about a story. Actually it is more to quiz. Haha.

once upon a time. There was a king who very love roses. So, he asked all his man to plant a millions of roses around his castle. Day by day. The roses then bloom. The castle has been surrounded by millions of beautiful roses.

One night, when the son of the king was resting at the roses. He saw one girl ran away from his sight. He asked the guard to find the girl that he saw. Later he find the girl. He suddenly fell in love with that girl and asked her to marry with him. But, the girl said. If he want to marry with her. He has to break the curse on that girl. She was cursed to turn into a rose at daylight and only can turn into human at night until dawn. The only way to break the curse is he has to touch a rose only from the millions that is that girl and the girl will turn into human forever. Just only one touch.

One day. While he walked around the castle, he touch a rose and suprisingly. The rose turn into the girl that has been cursed. After that. The girl became a human forever and both of them live happily ever after.

the question now is how he knows that the rose that he touched was the cursed girl?

answer  it. Hehe.

All from me.
Lots of loves n hugs to u dear.