Saturday, February 4

one more year~

as salam..

after long rest from updating this kind of thing..

as i'm predicted..
this year is more tougher than past..
when the homework came like raining cat n dog..
not enough with that,, the additional class that never minus but always being added..
haha.. so,, it doesn't matter if i not done my homework..
even in usual time i'm still doesn't finish my homework..
plus with all pressure from inside or outside.. hurm..

however,, i have 2 face it.. as long i in this year..
this final year.. SPM is just around the corner.. 
there much more to be prepare.. 
11A+.. is not a daydream.. 
when there's a will,, there's many way to get it right~

yes!! u can do it USOP!!

it just one more year..  n after that,, 
i'm not a school boy anymore..  haha..
but,, some peoples say that this schooling time is the best time of life..
it's true~ 
if i have friend like DORAEMON,
i'll ask for a time machine so i can back into past..
huh.. it just a daydream... =_=

okay.. tonight i have addmath class n the next night is addmath class again... n again n again.. haha.. 
have a sweet dream tonight~
tiring day.. haha.. futsal dah la kalah tadi~
okay.. wasalam~