Sunday, December 25

Nostalgia Silam~

2011 run very fast leaving me
n force me to face 2012.. 

~batch 95~

dalam sejuk2 malam ny..
aku teringat pulak zaman formtree dulu.. 
zaman mudamudi.. haha..
on that time,, kite sume satu kepala.. haha..
buat jahat same2.. uat baek pn same2..

i had a wonderfull memories in formtree~
i miss that year..
n i hope i have doraemon with me.. 
so doraemon can give me a time machine from the pocket~
n then i'll go2 live in past..

that's only my daydreaming~
the truth is we can't rewind the time..
only God can do that.. right??
past is still the past...

semalam adalah kenangan
hari ini adalah kenyataan
dan esok adalah harapan.. 

seriously,, i missed all of batch f3 10' damn much..

this is what we call UNITY

seriously,,  aku rindu kau!!
KONTEL@haziq mardi
lama ta jumpe kau!!

shy: stop following me~ haha=P

oh my son~ haha..

 n some pics were can't be upload because of humanity reason.. ^_^
the pic is ur pic!! hehe..

the E.N.D. 

* too many pics.. 
penuh lak nak letak semua nnty..

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